Press stroke range = 250mm to 1000mm [10" to 40"]

Model 600 series are for those applications where large and heavy parts need unloading. There are other unloaders in the 600 family, just send in your Press Information Form for a quote.">
Bachhber Manufacturing, Inc.
ISO 9001 Certified

BMC Model 600 Mechanical

The Model 600 employs (4) linear ways and offers tray widths up to 60” for unloading large and heavy parts. Custom versions of the 600 series are available. Just send in your Press Information Form for a quote.

Price: $36,150.00


 Download Physical Dimensions

Product Specifications
  • Up to 30 SPM on Automatic Operation
  • (4) Linear Bearings for Smooth Slide Travel to support heavy duty trays and parts
  • Infinitly Adjustable Tray Angle from 0° to 20°
  • Lubrication Free Bearings at all Other Pivot Points
  • Easy Setup, 2-Bolt and 1-Pin Hookup
  • Designed Heavy-Duty Precision Frame
  • Adjustment for Bolster Mounting Height
  • Replaces Hand Removing of Parts
  • Weight: Approx. 1100#
  • Mounting Brackets and Caster Mounted Base Included

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