Bachhuber Manufacturing is an ISO 9001 Registered producer of press automation equipment. Our standard line of press unloaders are actuated by a mechanical connection to the ram or by a servomotor. Utilizing standard components, we provide flexible designs for quick changeovers and a complete inventory for off-the-shelf delivery. If you are interested in trying one of our stocked products, ASK about our 30-day trial offer!!!

Bachhuber Manufacturing's engineering team provides custom designed solutions for all your press working automation needs: destacking, loading, unloading, separating, transfer, sorting, and stacking. Our experienced staff can work through concept, cost justification, final design engineering, installation, and training.

Our people make the difference; we promise what we can do, then we do what we promise. All of us here agree that through teamwork, we can satisfy our customers' needs.

BMC loads and unloads trim and punch presses with press loaders, unloaders, blank feeders, catchers, part removers, shuttles, shovels, or pickers. Pick and place blank feeders and gantry feeders with pushers transfer parts in and out of presses. Our automation trim press unloaders, punch press unloaders or trim-press, punch-press unloaders are in stock. We also manufacturer custom press automation like stackers, destackers, and servo shaker tray conveyors. cscholztestauto

450 Steel Lane • Mayville, WI 53050 • Phone: (920) 387-5537 • FAX: (920) 387-2965

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